01 April 2011

What does your TBR look like?

What does your To Be Read list look like? Is it a stack of books? A electronic list in Excel, Word or on Amazon's Wish List? Is it three or four titles deep? 50? 100?

My TBR is self maintaining. Three or four titles come off, four or five go back on. Occasionally, I even tackle a big enough chunk that I make a dent.

Some of my TBR is in an Excel list; same place I keep my reading list. Some of it is on my bookshelf (shh, don't tell my husband. He thinks I've read all of those.) The rest of it is in pictures on my phone. I find it much easier to snap a picture of the cover for future reference. It usually hovers between 50 and 100 titles.

I've tried just tackling the TBR and wrestling it down to zero, but it is impossible to get there. Too many good books are published each year, to say nothing about those published last year or earlier.

So dish. What does your TBR look like?

(No, this isn't an April fool's post. Everything above is true.)


Bethany K. Warner said...

Despite my love of books, I never actually have written down a TBR list. For a while, I tried keeping track of where I was in series, as a way to limit how many I was in at a time, but even that got too cumbersome. I've got the un-reads on my bookshelf too plus an ever-present mental list of things that I think I should read. A good new cover at the library will also pique my interest though, list or not.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I have a list in Excel of up-coming titles I want to buy, but I have a TBR pile (or actually three smaller piles now, because it was threatening to tip over). There are probably 20 books waiting to be read. Beyond those, I always have books around I want to read 'someday'.