07 April 2011

Book Banter -- Tombs of Endearment

Title: Tombs of Endearment (Pepper Martin bk. 3)
Author: Casey Daniels
Genre: mystery
Length: 307 pages
Where Bethany's Copy Came From: Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library
Plot Basics: PI to the dead Pepper Martin takes on sex, drugs and rock and roll in the third book in the series. She reluctantly agrees to help rock-n-roll legend Damon Curtis, dead some 30 years, stop one of his former bandmates channeling him to write chart-topping songs so he can cross over and rest in peace. Pepper knows its silly to think a ghost is attractive, but her interactions with Damon (and the sudden appearance of Clevaland's sexiest detective Quinn, the mysterious Dan Callahan and her ex-fiance Joel) leave Pepper feeling lonely and evaluating her life. But, when the bullets start flying because Damon's former bandmates are in danger, Pepper's the only one who can uncover the real killer and send Damon off in peace.

Banter Points: I picked up Pepper again after another section of Anna Karenina because it's such the opposite end of the reading spectrum from Tolstoy. Pepper is breezy and imaginative and reading this series is complete brain candy. Except, unlike candy which only satisfies briefly and then makes you feel bad that you ate it, the Pepper Martin series is packed with a real plot and engaging characters. The on-going mystery of Dan Callahan is enough to keep me reading to figure out who he really is and if he's on Pepper's side or not.

Bummer Points: The Pepper-Quinn-Dan thing feels like it could be headed to a Stephanie-Morellie-Ranger deal and I really hope that Daniels is taking her triangle in a different direction.

Word Nerd Recommendation: A fun series that's a great choice for an airplane/bus ride/time when you just want to enjoy words on a page without having to mine for great symbolism and want a clever story.

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