08 April 2011

Favorite Words

I have a handful of favorite words that I've collected over the years

It always warms my heart when I see one of these words in printed material. No particular reason, it just does.

One of the things I really like about classics is the rich use of words that modern society has traded in for a straight forward word. Forget the sobriquets, everyone has nicknames now. And when was the last time you meandered or ambulated around the park? Everyone walks now. My son is no longer loquacious, instead he is talkative.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the ubiquitous state of Legos in my house. It's impossible to keep them in one location. I'm consistently finding them in the kitchen, living room, bath room, stairs, etc.

What word do you wish you heard more?


Lisa954 said...

How about plethora? I love the sound of it.

Mary Vensel White said...

I love the word "chisel." Seems to look and sound like what it does.