29 April 2011

Bookish Peeves

I was thinking about the tagline for the Word Nerd's blog - "No pocket protectors here; just don't break the spines on the books."

It's appropriate.

I have another book-related pet peeve - dog-earred corners and highlighting.

In my mind, both taint the book. It shouts, "Look, someone else found me important! Significant! Worthy of their time! Look at me!"

Let me form my own opinion. I'll judge for myself, thank you very much.

I feel the same way about exclamation points. Just because you think it was important, doesn't me I will find it so.

What's your bookish pet peeve?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Ack. I can't break the spines. And if you ask my daughter, you'll find I'm anal about other people breaking the spines of books. (Okay, she might say 'psycho'.) I also can't dogear pages or write in books. Even if when I was in college and should've highlighted important stuff, I just couldn't.

Lisa954 said...

Someone who looks at my collection and says "why do you have so many books? why don't you just go to the library?". That really PEEVES me off!

Of course the last one who said it could barely read the back of a cereal box, but who am I to judge?