13 April 2011

Author Answers: Janette Rallison

Today's Author Answers come from Janette Rallison. She's witty. She's clever. Her answers will make you laugh out loud. Dive in!

WN: What are the five things a reader must know about "How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend"?
  1. It’s a romantic comedy so be careful not to drink soda while reading it. I’ve heard from readers that sometimes the soda ends up getting snorted into your nose.
  2. It features Giovanna and her twin brother, Dante. I have a teenage set of boy-girl twins. They are awesome!
  3. It includes some bad dates. I’m pretty much an expert on those, having gone through many myself.
  4. It involves a high-stakes theft. (Okay, it’s actually a biology room break-in involving frog corpses.)
  5. But there is a car chase in the book, so it’s all very Hollywood.

WN: From pre-teen readers to young adults, you have a bit of everything for readers. Who is your favorite audience?
JR: Anyone who has a sense of humor.

WN: Okay, this one is completely unfair -- which character is your favorite? Why? (It's sort of like picking your favorite child, I know.)
JR: It’s really hard to pick a favorite character. My 17th book will be out in a couple of weeks—My Unfair Godmother—and the 18th comes out this fall, so I have a lot of characters to choose from, My favorite would depend on what sort of mood I’m in. I’ll have to say right now my favorite girl character is Annika from Just One Wish. She’s so fearless and will do whatever it takes to help her sick brother, even though she’s struggling in so many ways herself. My favorite guy is Tristan from My Fair Godmother. I just love a geek turned hot guy.

WN: Speaking of favorites and kids, you have five kids. There's no evidence of a super hero cloak. How do you do it?
JR: Well, very often my house is a mess and I’m in my pajamas way past the normal time. I also serve a lot of pizza for dinner.

WN: Your website is geared to the young reader who might be looking for book report information. What's the best question you've gotten from a fan?
JR:Will you please write a sequel to . . . whichever book they just read. It’s a great compliment that kids like my books so much they want to know what happens to the characters next. Sometimes they even give me suggestions.

WN: What advice to you have for the budding writer? Do you give different advice to the budding writer who is willing to admit their age then one who is mumble mumble?
JR: The advice is the same no matter what age you are: Read a lot and learn the craft. There are some great books on writing. Start reading and collecting them. They’ll save you a ton of time in rewrites. Then get busy and write. Don’t worry about it being perfect. That’s what revisions are for.

WN: What question do you have for the Word Nerds?
JR: What is the deal with the letter P? I mean, was being a P not enough for this letter that he had to take over other letters’ functions? There he is in phone and pneumonia and alphabet. He’s like some social climber party crasher that noses his way into other people’s photos. Oh, there’s another one—photos. Honestly, I bet he drives the other letters crazy.

That P does sound pretty suspicious...hmm...maybe our readers have good answer. Janette has graciously agreed to give away a copy of "How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend." To be entered, just leave a comment as to your take on the letter P to be entered to win. One name will be drawn at random.

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Lisa954 said...

All I know is that he went to the psychiatrist and the pharmacy in the Phillippines for some pseudoephedrine. The pharmacist was a Phillistine who had psychological issues with the psalmist.