12 April 2011

Book Banter -- Top Suspense

Title: Top Suspense
Editor: Dave Zeltserman
Genre: Mystery
Length: 198 pages
Where Stacie's Copy Came From: Advance Reader Copy
Plot Basics: Readers of mysteries will find something between these covers that will thrill them. Thirteen top authors come together to strut their stuff.

Banter Points: Whether you are seeking something from the 1920s or the future, there's a story in here for you. The point of view shifts from detective to victim to parent to child. Each story, independent from the one prior or the one that follows, captures a different aspect of a mystery.

Bummer Points: Each story has its own voice. While it was fun to see each one navigate through its own plot, they aren't really connected either, outside of the mystery theme. This is probably more of a personal perference than an actual bummer on the writing or story telling capability. I expected a bit more around a theme. This is more of a loosely related collection.

Stacie's Recommendation: It's okay. I'd probably check it out from the local library versus buying it.

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