11 May 2007

What it's about. Roughly

A couple people have asked what the current work-in-progress is about.
And since I hadn't yet boiled the whole story down to a couple sentences, I decided to take a stab a that yesterday. It's not completely polished yet, this two-sentence version of my book, but it is accurate.

Ready? Here goes, the boiled down plot of Word Nerd's current WIP:
Sedine swore an oath when she became Guardian of the Crown Prince that she would share the prince's responsibility of running a kingdom, state secrets and all. But when the state secrets include conspiracy and murder, Sedine has to rethink her loyalty and her responsibility not just to the prince, but the kingdom.
Yes, it's a fantasy story of sorts, but minus any elves or any other critters and sans sorcery as well. As of yet, it's also untitled. That's a hurdle for much, much later.

In other WIP news, the May page count is on track, actually about a half-page ahead, but the word meter doesn't do decimals well. She's got to get ahead of schedule by about 6 pages by the end of the month because there are clearly some days coming up on the calendar where writing just isn't likely to happen. Word Nerd's just glad she realized this now instead of later.

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Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Really great, Bethany! What you might want to think about is the personal conflict here, or a line that would establish why it personally would bother her to be involved in a conspiracy. Like would the conspiracy involve betraying her family name or secrets she's trying to keep secret that otherwise would make her lose or risk something important to her.

Good luck with keeping on track!