31 May 2007

Summer Reading, part II

We've talked at Word Nerd already about some of the hot book picks for summer reading this summer, but if you need some more inspiration/motivation to hit the books (fun books, that is) during the next few months, maybe this will help.

Join the RBL Summer Mystery Reading Challenge 2007.

What do you have to do, you ask, to be part of this challenge. Easy -- read six mysteries by six authors you have never read before between June 1 and August 31. Why? Because challenge organizers say that the mystery genre has exploded in the last few years. Instead of just sticking with the gumshoes you know, it's time to go sleuthing for somebody else. Plus, if you complete the challenge, there could be prizes. For full challenge details, click here.

Word Nerd's already working on what six mysteries she's going to read. You can help out by voting in the poll over there ---> to help her decide what new P.I. series she should read one from.

If a mystery book challenge isn't your thing, check your local library for what summer reading program they are offering. For you Oshkosh folks, the Oshkosh Public Library has summer reading programs for adults, teens and kids. Again, they all have prizes (noting a theme here?).
So, grab the beach towels, picnic baskets and best-sellers and get reading!

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