14 May 2007

Book Banter - It's Not You It's Me

Title: It's Not You It's Me
Author: Allison Rushby
Length: 281 pages
Genre: chick lit
Plot Basics: Charlie (Charlotte) and Jas (Jasper) were flatmates for awhile, until the apartment was scheduled for demolition and Charlie makes a move for Jas that nearly demolishes their friendship. Now, a few years later Charlie and Jas are reunited when Charlie gets bumped up to first class on a plane and finds Jas on the same flight. Their friendship rekindles, but before the trip is over, both Charlie and Jas have to some truths about themselves and work out what happened the last night that they were flatmates.
Banter Points: This book was like reading a romantic comedy movie. (Why it hasn't made it to the big screen is baffling to Word Nerd). Charlie and Jas were both a bit over the top as characters and the story had some laugh-aloud moments. Word Nerd's had hard time figuring out quite why she found Charlie and Jas to be such compelling characters, but by the end of the book, she really cared about them and wanted to make sure they got a good ending.
Bummer Points: The ending is a bit abrupt. But like romantic comedy movies, a reader just has to take it on faith that everything will work out.
Word Nerd recommendation: This is a great book if you are looking for a heartwarming, fast read.

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