03 May 2007

Book Banter -- Nobody True

Title: Nobody True
Author: James Herbert
Length: 373 pages
Genre: thriller
Plot Basics: Jim True wasn't in his body when he was murdered. For years, True has had out-of-body experiences that as he's gotten older, he learned how to control them. When he comes back from one, he finds that his body has been gruesomely murdered. True tries to figure out whether he's now a spirit or a ghost and as he tries to let his family know he's alright, he discovers that he needs to solve his own murder.
Banter Points: Gripping and scary. Word Nerd found herself in that zone of both wanting to put the book down because it was awfully tense and yet finding herself compelled to keep reading because it had to get better for the characters, right? Some flash-forwards (if it's a flashback scene and the action cuts back to the present, what is that called?) later worked very well in the book to keep tension up.
Bummer Points: The beginning of the book was a little slow as True recounted his childhood and first experiences with OBEs.
Word Nerd recommendation: This is the second Herbert book that Word Nerd's read. Both have been good... not for a steady diet of his backlist or the faint of heart.

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