21 May 2007

Book Banter -- Destroyer

Title: Destroyer (Foreigner series bk. 7)
Author: C.J. Cherryh
Length: 345 pages
Genre: sci-fi
Plot Basics: Bren Cameron, the interpreter/negotiator for between the atevi and humans, returns to the space station above the atevi homeworld after a two-year trip in space, only to discover that the politics on the planet have fallen apart. The atevi ruler, Tabini, has been deposed and no one knows for sure if he's alive or assassinated. Bren, along with Tabini's grandmother and his 8-year-old son have to make a desperate attempt to get back on world and move against the rival political factions.
Banter Points: This book was a return to the world-based plot and politics of the first three books in the series, rather than the interstellar plot of books five and six. It was nice to see Cherryh use the plot device that things had continued on on the planet during the time Bren was gone, rather than having the crisis start when he returned.
Bummer Points: Again, lots of Bren's internal monologue that slows the plot way down in the middle of the book as the reader has to slog through his analysis with him.
Word Nerd recommendation: If you've read this far in the series, it's worth it to keep going.

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