10 May 2007

Book Banter -- Touch the Dark

Title: Touch the Dark
Author: Karen Chance
Length: 307 pages
Genre: paranormal/urban fantasy
Plot Basics: Cassie Palmer has done her best to avoid Tony, the master vampire, ever since she escaped his clutches a few years ago. Tony kept her around because her skills as a clairvoyant were useful to him. But when a death threat shows up, Cassie thinks he's finally caught up with her. In trying to escape, Cassie finds herself in the clutches of a group of master vamps, mages and the Fey who are all trying to either protect her... or kill her. Meanwhile, her clairvoyant powers are increasing, and the stakes for her getting stronger are ones Cassie may not want to take.
Banter Points: Pretty good addition into the whole vampire/paranormal fiction genre. Word Nerd liked how Chance took some historical and fictional figures (Count Dracula and Rasputin, for example) and turned them into characters for her book, explaining some of their stories with her vampire myth.
Bummer Points: For readers of this genre, it's far too easy to see Cassie as Anita Blake (girl with powers that she doesn't necessarily want) and Mircea the Master Vamp as Jean-Claude (the master vampire trying to woo the girl, complete with a pet name in a foreign language).
Word Nerd recommendation: Fans who like the early Anita Blake books should like this one.

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