01 May 2007

May (and April) Writing Goals

So, new month, new page count meter over there --->.

The May goal is 31 pages, which is supposed to translate into one page a day. Word Nerd tries to be diligent about making that happen, though admittedly, the Friday-Saturday-Sunday pages often get written all in one sitting on Sunday. Perhaps old habits like doing homework on Sunday afternoons are hard to break...

April's monthly page goal was 20 pages, which Word Nerd met at 21 pages. April's goal was smaller for good reason. If you recall, Word Nerd was on hiatus in much of March and was still feeling under the weather at the beginning of April. A smaller page goal seemed far more manageable than the page-a-day type goal at the time.

The completion of the April goal puts Word Nerd at 181 hand-written pages. Yes, handwritten. That's how this current story is progressing. May's goal will take her into the third college-ruled composition book for this story. (Which, BTW, college-ruled composition books are harder to find, but Word Nerd can't stand wide-ruled pages.)

Word Nerd doesn't know yet how many pages it's going to take to tell this story. She knows she's getting closer to the end, but there's still a lot of ground to cover to get there. The monthly goals are a good way though to keep making sure she's making forward progress in the story.

And monthly goals mean chocolate cake when met. As if there was a need for any other kind of motivation.

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Page Smith said...

Can you tell us anything about the story?