29 May 2007

Book Banter -- Most Wanted

Title: Most Wanted
Author: Michele Martinez
Length: 366 pages
Genre: thriller/mystery/suspense
Plot Basics: US Attorney Melanie Vargas takes her baby, Maya, out for a walk and finds herself at the scene of a fire and murder of high-profile attorney Jed Benson. Melanie fights to keep control of the case to jump-start her career. But while her career might be getting ahead, her marriage is falling apart. As Melanie pursues the case, she has to work with FBI agent Dan O'Reilly, who might have more than just professional interest in her.
Banter Points: A suspenseful read with several plot twists. The Melanie/O'Reilly plot was good too... a good blend of believable attraction plus the right amount of cold feet for Melanie. It was also fun to see a female investigator with a background in investigating, instead of some of the other amateur chick lit sleuths.
Bummer Points: Some of the bad guy characters (and a couple of the good ones) all talk in something similar to ebonics. Word Nerd supposes it lends the characters some degree of authenticity, but it's annoying to read sentences with poor grammar.
Word Nerd recommendation: Martinez has a few other Melanie Vargas books out which Word Read plans on reading.

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