15 February 2011

Random Thought on Reading Classics

I had a random thought on reading classics that I wanted to try out, given our experiment here in reading one of the Russian Masters - Anna Karenina.

Reading a classic is like drinking a fine wine. When pair with the right item, it complements the meal. It is meant to be sipped, and savored. A classic novel moves slowly in the same way. It is the details that add the dimensions to the wine. Just as the various flavors of the wine can only be experienced when sipped, the classic novel builds on the details to make a complete picture.

Now, I'm a wine girl, but I love a beer every so often. A beer goes down quick and easy. Beer bongs exist for a reason, people. Same with the crazy helmets and beer pong. None of those for the wine group. Beer is more like a modern novel - fast pace and moving through life at the speed of life.

Okay, maybe given my standard reading list, I'm more of a beer girl. But I don't mind switching out for a good bottle of wine every so often.

What do you think of the analogy?

Personally, I need something to sub in for a martini. I love those on occasion too.

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Jacqueline Howett said...

Yes, its a state of interlect to savour!