08 February 2011


I first ran into Joshua Middleton when another author I like posted a link to the cover for her book.

Now, I can't remember who that original author was, but I'm delighted that he has posted another cover for his readers.

The novel, Meeting by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, is a YA fantasy novel. Based on the cover alone, I'm interested in it. It's a gorgeous picture. Pop over there to check it out.

Joshua's last paragraph sums it up nicely for writers too:
Having to occasionally make changes for editorial reasons has actually helped me a lot in not letting any part of a drawing be too precious to erase. It's hard to face facts and erase something that's not working, especially after spending a lot of time on it, but sometimes that's the best way to move forward and get the bad drawings out of the way. I still struggle with letting go sometimes, but I'm definitely more acquainted with my trash can than I used to be.
Writers need to be acquainted with the trash can too. Or the backspace button. It's tough to throw away something you like better. Remembering that the edit knows what sells is key.

cover art courtesy of Joshua Middleton.

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