03 February 2011

Anna Karenina reading schedule

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Russian masterpiece poll. Anna Karenina came out as the clear winner (no hanging chads here) and I've got my copy all ready to go. I went the eBook route (first one I've purchased) because the length of the book seems a little less intimidating that way. And for $1.99 vs. $7.95 for the same Barnes and Noble Classics edition in real print, it felt like a really good deal.

Stacie is joining in with this reading adventure and we'd welcome you to join us as well.

Here's what's we're aiming for:
February -- Part I and II
March-- Part III and IV
April-- Part V and VI
May -- Part VII and VIII

At the end of each month, we'll have a book club-esque discussion on each session. Watch for a sidebar to announce those dates.

Also, because Stacie and I also track reading statistics, I am instituting this rule so that we don't totally screw up our monthly totals: The pages read each month count for the monthly page total; however, only when the book is done does it count as a finished title. Make sense?

Let us know in comments if you're going to read along with us.


Robin Bradford said...

I love Anna Karenina. Wait....maybe that's just the movie. :-) I know I read it in college for a Russian lit class, but probably not since then. (and maybe not even all of it THEN!) Sure, I'll read along. Sounds good.

Mary Vensel White said...

I envy you this first reading of AK. One of my favorite books ever. You may be surprised to run ahead of your reading schedule...it's that good!