27 April 2007

Your Turn

All right, it's time to hear from you today.

Not that Word Nerd's TBR pile needs to get any bigger, but she wants to hear your recommendations.

What are you reading/have read recently that's really caught your attention? What did you like about it? If this author has written other books, will you pick those up? Why?


Anonymous said...

A must read is "19 minutes" by Jodi Picoult. All of her books deal with topics that are somewhat controversial. I would recommend all of her books. As a parent of teenage boys this one really hit home.

Anonymous said...

I agree! I saw her speak about the book at Alverno College last month, and she's great. The book is intense. And my copy is autographed :)

Anonymous said...

Paperback Writer by Stephen Bly. I'm only a couple of chapters into it, but this is one of the most interesting forays into the writer's mind that I've read in quite a while. The way Bly transitions from what is really happening to what is happening inside the writer's head is seamless and almost frightening...I'm excited to continue reading, in any case.

Roxann said...

I just finished reading "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield, and really enjoyed it. I have always enjoyed books that have a story within the story. I was mildly annoyed by the overly romantic writing- by that, I mean 'romantic' as in fanciful, not romance novel- and that usually just isn't my thing. But other than my personal pet peeve, I really enjoyed it.

Page Smith said...

I haven't started reading it, yet, but uber-literary agent, Donald Maass, listed Lee Child's "The Enemy" as a must-read for its "tension on every page."

I picked up a hardback copy a couple of months ago, second-hand, but I'll be reading the first page tonight.

Jay H said...

I've been fighting my way through the Illuminatus! Trilogy. It's tough going. I'm wondering if I'm in the wrong frame of mind to be reading something like this right now, or if I've just heard so much about it over the years that I already expected the good bits and now the hype is letting me down. But I might get through more of it and wind up recommending it.

Wow, this is the worst recommendation ever. :)