24 April 2007

Book Banter -- Nightlife

Title: Nightlife
Author: Rob Thurman
Length: 338 pages
Genre: urban fantasy
Plot Basics: Cal has been protected his whole life by his older half-brother Niko, who is determined that Cal won't ever have to face the monsters again. Though Cal grates under Niko's control, he is fairly content with the system that's keeping his monstrous relatives -- Cal's half-human, half-something -- at bay. But the bad guys show up in New York City and Cal decides that his days of running from the monsters and hiding behind Niko are done. The monsters, however, have a different sort of plan.
Banter Points: Thurman writes a great twist into the middle of the story. Can't say more without spoiling it, but it was definitely a surprise to Word Nerd. He also does a pretty good job of coming up with a new-ish monster instead of the current steady stream of vampires in books (though there is one of those too...).
Bummer Points: Thurman gives Cal a fairly sarcastic tone in the story that while it works for the character, gets a bit old after a time.
Word Nerd recommendation: Pretty good book and it's a got a sequel that Word Nerd will likely pick up at some point

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