10 April 2007

A Book List

USAToday just released a list of their picks of the 25 most influential books of the last 25 years.

Their top five are as follows.
1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
2. Deep End of the Ocean
3. The DaVinci Code
4. The 9/11 Commission Report
5. Chicken Soup for the Soul

The full list is here.

Word Nerd isn't too terribly surprised by the list, save perhaps for "Deep End of the Ocean."(The USAToday blurb about that one explains that it was the start of the Oprah book club phenomenon since Oprah picked Mitchard's book as the very first one for the club.)

Obviously, since their releases, Harry, DaVinci and Chicken Soup have become near book-empires with movie deals and in the case of "soup" oodles more titles. The 9-11 report makes sense on the list because of the historical and national impact of that event.

Honestly, from the full list, Word Nerd hasn't read many of the titles, but she gets the impact these books have had.

Any of the titles you agree with/disagree with on the list? Any you would have picked instead?

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