05 April 2007

Book Banter -- Trumps of Doom

Title: Trumps of Doom (Amber Chronicles, book 6)
Author: Roger Zelazny
Length: 183 pages
Genre: sci-fi/fantasy
Plot Basics: Merlin Corey, son of Corwin a prince of Amber, has given up living in the magical world of Amber and, instead, works as a computer programmer in our world. Come April 30, every year, someone tries to kill him. He's dodged it so far, but this year, the killer is more insistent and it sets Merlin off on a journey back to Amber and back into the political machinations of his vengeful family.
Banter Points: Zelazny's writing is just so good. He's sparse, but manages to recount the information readers might have forgotten from an earlier book in an effective way. The combination of sword-and-sorcery and science and technology makes a fun read to see how they blend.
Bummer Points: As always, a cliff-hanger.
Word Nerd recommendation: Fans of Steven Brust or Nick Sagan would definitely like Zelazny, who likely based on style, was an inspiration to them.

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