20 April 2007

Book Banter -- Blood of Amber

Title: Blood of Amber (Amber Chronicles, bk. 7)
Author: Roger Zelazny
Length: 215 pages
Genre: sci-fi/fantasy
Plot Basics: Merle Corey, really Merlin son of Corwin a Prince of Amber, escapes from the blue crystal prison where he was trapped at the end of "Trumps of Doom" and sets out to start to untangle who's got it in for him. He heads back to Amber where he's nearly killed by assassins, but rescued by his uncle's former paramour, Vinta Bayle... or a woman who claims she's Vinta Bayle. Merle goes up against a sorcerer and discovers he's got ties to an unknown enemy.
Banter Points: Still good swash-buckling in this book.
Bummer Points: After six other Amber books, there's got to be on that's just not as good and that would be this one. Word Nerd found it rambly and Zelazny's usually compelling device of leaving the plot fuzzy just made Word Nerd feel in this one like she didn't have a clue what was going on.
Word Nerd recommendation: Since the others are so good, Word Nerd'll pick up book 8 sometime.

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