17 November 2006

To Do List

Yesterday, Word Nerd got tagged by Raspberry Latte to continue this post.

So, being a good sport, she's obliging. This isn't really about books, or writing, very much. Apologies.

Five Things Word Nerd wants to do, someday, in no order of importance.

1. Visit the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Egypt stuff is fascinating to Word Nerd -- all the mummies and whatnot. Plus, the Pyramids are the last surviving of the 7 Wonders of the World. She thinks it'd be worth seeing them for real and not just on the cover of National Geographic.

2. Cover a presidential election. Word Nerd has heard this is a grueling thing to do, but she wants to be one of the reporters in the press pool that follows a presidential candidate around for the campaign, files stories from all over the country and doesn't get to sleep much/well for that election cycle.

3. Learn how to fence. Fence, as in fencing, as in the Olympic sport, not the shady sales of stolen goods, just to be clear. Word Nerd likes to write stories involving sword fights and she thinks that knowing how to do that might help make those scenes better. Plus, it always looks nifty in the movies.

4. Speak a foreign language fluently. Word Nerd took many years of French class, but never became fully proficient. Now, she's just got bits of vocabulary tucked away in the back corners of her brain after all those classes. Whether it's that language or another one, Word Nerd would like to reach the point where she could think in that language instead of constantly trying to translate in her head.

5. Be guest star on the Muppet Show. Yes, Word Nerd is well-aware that the Muppet show isn't on TV anymore and that Kermit no longer sounds right, like he did when she was a little kid. Some dreams die hard, folks, and Word Nerd's not giving up on the idea of getting to do the show and have Kermit wave his puppet arms and throw back his head and do his froggy "yay" as part of the introduction of her first number.

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