07 November 2006

Not Dead

In case you were wondering, Word Nerd isn't dead. Just covering elections.

Also, she's digging out from the dearth of comments that she got back on the first few chapters of her novel that were critiqued by Writers Club on Saturday.

The major rewrites started today. Major ones.

First one -- a minor character is now not dead. In the original, he was dead. Dead from page 2 where he met his untimely demise. Now, not dead. Hurt yes, mortally wounded, in fact. Dead? Nope. His non-death resulted in rolling changes, and Word Nerd doing a "find" command in the file to locate every instance where he or his demise was mentioned and figuring out what needs to change on a variety of pages.

Being not dead, Word Nerd thinks, will be a major step up for this character and an improvement to the plot overall.

Because the revisions are now not going in a very linear manner, Word Nerd is taking down the revision meter. It's realy not a good device for tracking progress. Expect more little reports like this instead.


Anonymous said...

Last I checked, "dearth" = "scarcity, lack".
Digging yourself out from the lack of comments?

Bethany K. Warner said...

Huh. Word Nerd always thought that word meant over-abundance.
She stands corrected.
Thanks for finding the error.