16 November 2006

Book Banter -- Twelve Sharp

Title: Twelve Sharp
Author: Janet Evanovich
Length: 310 pages
Genre: mystery/chick lit
Plot Basics: Ranger, Stephanie Plum's uber-cool and suave bounty hunter friend, is suspected of kidnapping. Stephanie is sure he didn't do it and undertakes another series of hapless bounty hunting adventures to prove he's innocent.
Banter Points: As usual, more fun Stephanie-Ranger-Morelli banter. Evanovich still knows how to write a page-turner.
Bummer Points: After twelve books, it's time for something to happen to move these characters along. Stephanie is stuck in this love triangle with Ranger and Morelli and nothing's happening. Moreover, she's stuck going through the same series of bounty-hunting mishaps (again).
Word Nerd recommendation: It's a dozen books now in this series. Word Nerd has a hunch she's going to spend some quality time with some other sleuths (maybe not so hapless... Lord Peter Wimsey? Inspector Maigret? Spenser? Anyone?) before going back to Evanovich.

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Joshua Grover-David Patterson said...

Read Fletch or Fletch Won. Both deal with Fletch being a report that solves mysteries.

Also, Fleth Won has just about the funniest opening of any book I ever read.

(Side note - I've got about 120 pages to go in Only Revolutions.)