24 November 2006

Book Banter -- Invader

Title: Invader
Author: C. J. Cherryh
Length: 422 pages
Genre: sci-fi
Plot Basics: Bren Cameron is barely home long enough for treatment of his injuries before he's recalled to continue his work as the translator for the atevi. The atevi world is in turmoil because of the reappearance of the human spaceship Phoenix and Bren's successor who was sent to fill in for him when he disappeared (see Foreigner for the back story). Bren's life is still in danger from those, but he gambles to keep peace by starting negotiations with the ship.
Banter Points: Like Foreigner, this is high-quality sci-fi. Aliens that behave in an alien way (not like the Star Treks where aliens were pretty much human but with bumps on their heads.) The plot continues to be a good mix of politics and action
Bummer Points: Also like Foreigner, the plot gets bogged down sometimes in the layers of Bren's thinking as he tries to wrestle with the atevi-human translations and the consequences of his actions.
Word Nerd recommendation: Word Nerd's still enjoying revisiting this first trilogy so that she can read the new books about Bren that Cherryh has written. If you're a sci-fi fan, you really should read them, but if you're looking for entry books to the genre, this series isn't it.

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