13 November 2006

Book Banter -- Nine Princes in Amber

Title: Nine Princes in Amber
Author: Roger Zelazny
Length: 188 pages
Genre: fantasy/sci-fi
Plot Basics: Corwin of Amber wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of who he is, only that the accident that put him there likely wasn't so accidental. He makes his way to one of his sister's houses and then starts a fantastical journey to find his memory and his way back to the land of Amber where he challenges his brother, Eric, for the throne.
Banter Points: This book reminded Word Nerd of reading Nick Sagan or Steven Brust. It's likely, though Word Nerd has no proof, that both of those newer authors were influenced by Zelazny since he was writing earlier than that. The book is fast-paced, descriptive and fun. Zelazny does what good sci-fi fantasy authors do best -- he creates a world that's just slightly different than ours so it's not hard for a reader to understand. There's something like magic, and lots like politics and a main character with a great POV.
Bummer Points: The first book doesn't really end, and so now Word Nerd must go find book two to find out what happens to Corwin.
Word Nerd recommendation: Obviously, foundational books in the whole fantasy/sci-fi genre that Word Nerd hadn't read until now. These should be required reading for anybody who says they are a fan of sci-fi or fantasy.

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