27 November 2006

Because November's not over yet

Word Nerd met her November goal for editing/revising part of the novel before the end of the month.

She thought about getting a jump on the December goals to help make sure it's done before the holidays. But, then she decided, rather than doing that, she was going to pull out an older, unfinished story and find out what happens next.

The revising part of working on the novel isn't anywhere near as much fun as writing it. Word Nerd is deciding that going back to a story where she can just plunk words down for a time was a really good move.

The story she's currently in has never had an outline, never an over-arching plot idea in Word Nerd's head, but somehow, things keep happening there. To fully understand, this story began as a class assignment in a fiction writing class Word Nerd was in. It was the last of the stories she had to write that semester and she was stuck for an idea so she took two disparate free writes from her journal, mashed them together and discovered what happened. The story has progressed in largely the same way.

It's fun to go back to characters that Word Nerd first thought up almost 4 years ago. Maybe it's because it's around the holidays, and in a literary way, it feels rather like going home. It's also enjoyable because she doesn't have to be so focused or analytical. She can just write and find out what happens, at least until Dec. 1.

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