14 June 2006

Poof and other stories

Yesterday, Word Nerd had a million blog ideas; today, every last one of them is gone.
This is a true story and perhaps a glimpse into why writers make notes on napkins, towels, their arms, whatever. If it's not written down, the idea can vanish.
She thinks maybe she was going to talk, maybe, about the thrill of getting to work on the WIP on a new and cooperative computer, but that idea now sounds lame and not at all witty in her head.
Sometimes the little idea shreds on paper are just a word. sometimes a sentences. Sometimes, they turn into a whole scene, often scribbled out, in Word Nerd's case, in her journal in cursive no less.

Sigh. Write things down, Word Nerd. Write them down.

In other news, Word Nerd is down to 68 more pages of The Count of Monte Cristo to read. The book ends different than the most recent movie version with Guy Pearce and Jim Cavezial. Word Nerd hates to say it, but she thinks (*gasp*) she likes the movie better. She will finish the book to talk about it here tomorrow. Even if it kills her. She'll be here. And she'll be reading something else ... most likely on deck, Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. That's subject to change.

Also, Word Nerd seems to be the only one contributing to the One Sentence Game over ----> in the sidebar. Please play. One sentence, once a day. It's like eating veggies. It's good for you. In a literary and non-vitamin-delivering way.

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