23 June 2006

The best laid plans... yada yada


Jason over at Clarity of Night is having another one of his flash fiction contests where the story should be inspired by the eerie photo he's posted.

Word Nerd looks at this photo and thinks, Ah. This is perfect. Looks just like the upcoming scene in the WIP. I will write 250 words for the contest that I can use for real in the WIP because to make my June word count goal I don't have time or words to waste.

Right. Great plan.

Its execution was not so brilliant. Almost 1,000 words later, Word Nerd's done with the first draft of scene for the WIP. It's not condensable for the contest.

Word Nerd could try again. Writing a flash fiction is not really a waste of time or words. As Anne at static said flash fiction is like the writer's cocaine... Ok. So Word Nerd's going to try again. She can't not enter.

But the June word count! Ack. The pressure. Where to devote the time, the energy, the words?

Somebody help.

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