07 June 2006

Book Banter -- Everfree

Title: Everfree
Author: Nick Sagan
Length: 240 pages
Genre: sci-fi

Plot spoilers follow. Sorry. It's hard to review the third book in a trilogy without giving something away.

Plot Basics: Halloween and five of the other post-humans have figured out how to cure the Black Ep plague that nearly wiped out humanity. Now, they are unthawing humans who were cryogenically frozen, curing them and trying to build a Camelot-like society. But those they awake remember the power and positions they used to hold...
Banter Points: The wait was worth it. Sagan interestingly writes with a lot of sentence fragments. Probably for punch. Or to convey characters. Like Halloween. Whatever his reason, it works well, giving the pacing a greater sense of immediacy.
There are some interesting twists along the way in this book too... twists that could possibly lead to another novel, but if not, just make it satisfyingly unfinished for the reader.
Bummer Points: Everfree lacks the same level of emotional punch that Idlewild had. Not that Everfree is devoid of feelings, quite the contrary, but it just doesn't toy with the reader as much.
Word Nerd recommendation: Word Nerd has gushed about "Idlewild" and "Edenborn," the first two of Sagan's books, so yes, here's more gushing for "Everfree." Read the whole series and for new readers, you now have the benefit of not having to wait for the next book.
While reading "Everfree" (which Word Nerd did in a single evening, BTW), she noticed how similar the series was to King Arthur stories. No, there are no knights or wizards like Merlin, but at the core, Sagan's whole story is about flawed people trying to create a better society as their personal flaws interfere with their goals. In short -- King Arthur and Camelot.
Perhaps it is one of Sagan's own character who best sums it up: "It takes a special kind of crazy to think you can change the world."

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