25 March 2006

Word Nerd Published

Well, OK, it's not a book deal.
But Word Nerd's story "21" has been posted on Fictional Musings .

A little bit about process here: It took about 20 minutes to write the original first draft of "21," which was scribbled out long-hand. The nugget of the idea came out of a dream that Word Nerd had. The dream was so strange, she had to do something with part of it.

Several days of revisions ensued and a critique at the Oshkosh Area Writer's Club helped get this in the form it is now.


Krista said...

Gasp. I am aghast at your violence, Bethany. And to think, you can't even watch "24"


P.S. Good story!

Stacie Penney said...

Congrats! Thanks for letting us know it was posted too.

Chilling. It should give your competition an idea of what they have in store for them in September at Aestival Festival.

Steve Kabelowsky said...

Congratulations on getting posted.