02 March 2006

In a break from the routine

Word Nerd got to go to one of the local elementary schools today as a guest reader to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.

She did not, however, read Dr. Seuss. (ducking, just in case lightening strikes after this kind of a pronouncement.)

Instead, her selection was "The Day I Swapped my Dad for 2 Goldfish" by Neil Gaiman. She probably enjoyed it more than the kids.

Gaiman also wrote the Sandman comics and such novels as "Neverwhere" and "American Gods." This was his first foray into kids' books, team up with illustrator Dave McKean to do the drawings.

The result is a sharp, witty story with very spiffy pictures and a comic-book-esque layout about a boy who has to go to great lengths to get his dad back after a deal for some goldfish goes badly.


Steve Kabelowsky said...

Just saw "MirrorMask" the other day.

Gaiman's influence was everywhere in this film. Definately worth the rental.

Becca said...

I read Gaiman's "The Wolves in the Walls" to all my classes the other day. I just love it.