08 March 2006

Using the delete key

Word Nerd's deadline for having the next chunk of the Work in Progress ready for critique at the Oshkosh Area Writer's Club is now just under six weeks away.

The fun (read: easier) part of writing this chunk is done and now Word Nerd is into revisions.

That means, the delete key is OK.

Repeat: "The delete key is OK."

This was a huge hurdle for Word Nerd to get over as a novice writer -- taking anything out. Fiction teachers will admonish young writers that they must learn how to "kill your darlings." Maybe it's the perfect sentence, but if it's not the perfect sentence in that piece, it's got to go.

Last night, Word Nerd had to scrap several paragraphs that she liked. Liked, but realized didn't work. They were partially out of order and partially non-sensical now because of earlier changes. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Along the same vein of repeating "the delete key is OK," Word Nerd is trying to psyche herself up to set aside an entire chapter (or two) that she's written. They are good... but it's becoming clear that they will not advance the plot the way it needs to go.

The Delete key is ok...the delete key is ok... the delete key is ok.


stay_c said...

Think of it this way---those are pages that your die-hard fans will want after you're published. You'll be able to offer them as a website only promo.

Bethany K. Warner said...

Die-hard fans?
Are you sure?