10 March 2006

A.K.A. and the magic decoder ring

Secret identity. Alias. Nom de plume.

Authors themselves will use other names for themselves, or create characters who are known by more than one persona.

Can you match the following secret identities with their true identities? Click here to test your knowledge without the answers.

Some are characters and some are authors. (Sorry that Word Nerd couldn't figure out how to make these show up next to each other, in nice column tables... she's a Word Nerd, not an html nerd...)

1. George Eliot = Mary Ann Evans (real author)
2. Jason Bourne = David Webb (book character)
3. Lemony Snickett = Daniel Handler (real author)
4. Zorro = Don Diego de la Vega (book character)
5. J.D. Robb = Nora Roberts (real author)
6. Richard Stark = Donald Westlake (real author)
7. Spider-man = Peter Parker (book, well, comic character)
8. Batman = Bruce Wayne (book/comic character)
9. the Scarlet Pimpernel = Percy Blakeney (book character)
10. Currer Bell = Charlotte Bronte (real author)

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