03 March 2006

The Woman Quiz

As promised, here's the female counterpart to the Man Quiz that ran in early February.

Like that one, blow the dust off your bookshelf and see how many of these fictional chicks you recognize. Bonus points for naming authors and books.

1. Kinsey Millhone
2. Daisy Buchanan
3. Cecily Cardew
4. the White Witch
5. Fanny Price
6. Lady Rowena
7. Edna Pontellier
8. Ellie Arroway
9. Lucie Mannette
10. Rebecca Bloomwood


stay_c said...

How sweet! Are you a closet reader of the Shopoholic series???

I knew more of these, but only a small fraction - four.

Jeff said...

Only three for Streetwise. Daisy. White Witch. Arroway. We realize how sorely under-read we are now.