23 March 2006


Since early this year, Word Nerd has been compiling a list of fun words that have come up on her Word-a-Day calendar, or that she realizes she just likes.
These are not particularly useful words, and certainly ones that are unlikely to show up in Word Nerd's day-job writing.
But... here are 10 fun words -- fun because they either mean odd things or just look funny.

Word Nerd knows the definitions of these words -- but post the best one(s) you can think of for what they might mean.

1. sesquipedalian
2. festooned
3. bailiwick
4. shenanigans
5. windlestraw
6. fusty
7. entresol
8. aquacade
9. picaroon
10. bitterender

1 comment:

Denise said...

No doubt picaroon is that rare cross-breed of pistachio and macaroon nuts.

Entresol, I've experienced, is the moment just before one can get the sunglasses on her face after beginning a sunny afternoon drive.

And aquacade is obviously an underwater, coin-operated game machine hall.