20 March 2006

Another year...

But it's March, you say. There are seven more months before the end of the year.
The calendar year, yes; but Word Nerd's literary year ends today.
Word Nerd's literary year runs from March 21- March 20, only because March 20, 2002 was the date she started keeping the list of books read. The first entry was, by the way, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, a required book for a paper in her last sociology class needed for the minor in college.
Since Word Nerd's not going to finish reading another book today (too many pages of Ivanhoe left and not enough time) it's fair to make the accounting of the past year today.

From March 24, 2005 through March 17, 2006, Word Nerd read 79 books. Since the list began in 2002, Word Nerd has read 279 books. This year's total is only two more than last year's, so Word Nerd is guessing that probably 75-80 books is really all she can read in a year.
Word Nerd only started counting pages read in December, but from then until March 17, the total pages was 8,261. A little math puts the estimate for the year at around 33,000.
Since all of this list keeping started because of an essay question asking what the best book was you read in the last year, Word Nerd's answer for this year is Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.


Mattern said...

Blue Like Jazz is very good...Did I recommend that one to you? If so than I am going to work very hard to pat myself on the back. :)

Prime Looper said...

79 books? I feel so insignificant! You must have an encyclopedic mind after that much reading -- head for the game show circuit :-)