02 March 2006

Reading is cheaper than psychiatry

Fess up.
Er... um, share. If you want to.
BookSellerChick today asked about the concept of "Book Therapy."

Basic idea, do you read specifics books if you are looking for solace/therapy or do you feel like you need solace/therapy after reading some books?

Discuss -- what books move you, for good or bad?


stay_c said...

The Time Traveller's Wife is fantastic. It's everything I want to be when I grow up.

I don't have too many re-reads anymore. Used to be the potter books. Now I like to recommend and discuss better.

Mattern said...

Satire always makes me feel better about life. Right now I am enjoying my girlfriends old journals (she volunteered them…the ones that don’t include me) and that is quite fun.