29 September 2011

Rereading a favorite

Re-reading is sometimes the curse of being a voracious reader -- what if the book isn't as good the second time through?

I recently reread one of my childhood favorites and was glad to see the story still stood up.

I made my way through Esther Forbes' Johnny Tremain for the umpteenth time, which is kind of funny given my initial reluctance to read it when I was 9 or 10. My dad suggested it and I looked at it and thought, "It's a boy book" which at 9 or 10 was really important. In 5th grade English with Mrs. March, Johnny Tremain was required reading and it turns out, I loved it.

I read it multiple times during late elementary and middle school and probably snuck some re-reads in during high school at home. But, since then, it's been years since I've picked this one up.

I was browsing a friend's bookshelf and she had a copy which I promptly asked if I could borrow and read it in a few days.

The story was familiar and new all at once. I remembered the major plot points, but not all the little details that really make this historical novel sing. It was a joy to rediscover this book and remember again why I loved it in the first place.

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