27 September 2011

Book Banter: Playing with Fire

Title: Playing with Fire
Author: Katie MacAlister
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 352
Where Stacie's Copy Came From: Wisconsin Public Library Consortium
Plot Basics: For doppelganger, May Northcott cannot catch a break. Her twin sister, a naiad, gave up common sense to create May. Her boss, evil overlord, has her breaking and entering on a regular basis. Now, she has been thrown into life as a wyvern's mate, a world she knows nothing about.

Banter Points: Pretty fun read. Light-hearted, and nothing dark scary or goth. The variety of characters keeps the reader on her toes, and the story is consistently told from a single point of view (something of a danger with this many competing characters.)

Bummer Points: I like my fantasy with a little more danger, and a little less gratuitous sex. Even though May's life and well-being is threatened in the story, I never worried for her. The light and even playful tone belied the seriousness of any situation.

Still, I like dragons and stories about them. Since it's spin-off series, I'll probably continue to see how it develops.

Stacie's Recommendation: Tentative, depending on how you like your dragons.

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