19 September 2011

The (Netflix) Apology that Wasn't

If I'm not reading as a way to decompress after work, I'm watching a DVD, most often from Netflix. (Sorry, library, yours are often too scratched up!)

A few months back, you may recall that Netflix hiked their prices for their combination DVDs-in-the-mail and unlimited streaming plan. This was exactly what I used, liking that I could get a DVD in the mail and then stream something else on my iPad while I was waiting for the next disc in the mail. So, grumbling, I accepted the price hike.

Then, this morning, while listening to NPR over breakfast, I heard them reference a story about how the Netflix CEO sent an apology email to subscribers. I checked my email and yep, there it was. If you missed the story or the email, here's a good recap.

Except, I don't really feel any regret. I'm more frustrated now as a customer than I was. Why?

Because now, not only is what I use costing more money, it's going to be less convenient as Netflix is moving its by-mail DVDs to a new company called Qwikster. So, now, instead of being able to manage my streaming queue and my DVD queue in the same place, I'll have to go to two sites. My time is limited. Maybe it'll only take an extra minute to handle the other site, but it's the principal -- they've just made it take an extra step for me as a customer.

Did Netflix need to do something to handle the bad PR and loss of customers the price hike generated? Yes, absolutely.

But this apology wasn't it. I'm not feeling forgiving, just more frustrated

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