30 September 2011

Book Banter: Up In Smoke

Title: Up In Smoke
Author: Katie MacAlister
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 352 pages
Where Stacie's Copy Came From: Wisconsin Public Library Consortium
Plot Basics: May is still trying to figure out her place in the world, especially her feelings for Gabriel, the wyvern that has claimed her as mate. Her common-sense missing naiad is causing her typically amount of problems, including declaring herself as a mate.

Oh, and the evil overlord who May is bound to has been released into the world. Minus his powers, but out here nonetheless.

Banter Points: The trouble was turned up a few notches in this book. Not enough for me to believe that May was ever in true peril, but enough to make it interesting.

I like the world that is being built. The fantasy elements are woven into our world in a way that makes it believable.

Bummer Points: Cyrene annoys me to pieces and it's because of the whole lack of common sense thing. I get that she gave it up, but really? Lack of common sense doesn't automatically translate to stupid, but it seems to here.

Stacie's Recommendation: Given that I usually enjoy series, and love being able to check out books on my iPad, I'll continue with this series. It isn't a strong winner, but it sort of like your second favorite candy. Sweet, tasty and sort of satisfy that craving you have.

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