16 September 2011


Have you been paying attention to the #fridayreads Twitter trend?

Some months back, the #fridayreads hashtag became quite well-used it it's great every Friday to see what people are reading.

There's lot of tweets out there about books, about authors, etc. I like the #fridayreads trend because it tends to go beyond that sphere of people who are regularly posting about the industry. #fridayreads is about regular people sharing about the books they love. Or maybe don't love. The point it, we're sharing about reading.

Some brilliant book bloggers (The Book Lady's Blog) captured @fridayreads and use it to award some free book prizes every week as well. Word Nerd was an early winner, scoring a copy of Kristina Riggle's "The Things We Didn't Say." It's on the TBR pile and Word Nerd finally getting through her stack of library books, so it should be in the reading now category soon.

Come join the trend on fridays. Who knows, you might be a winner too.

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