20 September 2011

Book Banter: Marathon Woman

Marathon Woman: Running the race to Revolutionize Women's Sports
Author: Kathrine Switzer
Genre: Non-fiction
Length: 418 pages
Where Stacie's Copy Came From: Oshkosh Public Library
Plot Basics: Women's liberation came from many fronts, working aside one another. This is the story of how women transformed from fragile creatures into strong, bold runners.
Banter Points: I picked up this book because my interest in running is becoming an obsession. I want to know the names of those who got us here today. Who are the record holders and why. I crave becoming part of the running community.

I found a story about women's liberation and how something that I take for granted today really was a battle. Kathine Switzer's story is inspiring. As a child she was never told by family that she shouldn't run. In fact, her father told her to run in order to be better at a sport acceptable for girls to play.

As I read, the running became the method or the mode of translating the story of how a woman can become strong. How that strength translates to freedom. And what both of those things mean to women.

Bummer Points: The last portion of the book, where Switzer relays the journey of bringing the marathon to the Olympics felt rushed. While the Olympics was the ultimate destination, it was part of the denouement. The climax occurred at the Boston Marathon.

Stacie's Recommendation: Kathrine Switzer has become one of my heroes. I cannot praise her enough. What are you still doing here? Go and see if your library as a copy or if you can find a used version.

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