19 August 2011

100-day repetitive projects

I really like the idea of this project -- 100 Days.

The idea is really simple. For 100 days, pick a design operation and do it every day for 100 days.

The results are astonishing. For example, one woman took pictures, in different poses, with a wooden chair. Others are drawings, or sayings or even dances.

Does this sound like fun? I'm not sure. But some years, up to two dozen students start the assignment. And some years, more than half drop out before the end. Everyone starts with high hopes. But things get repetitive by day ten. By day twenty, no matter what you've decided to do, it feels like you've been doing it forever. And bridging the end-of-year break is always a big challenge. But the students who get past day thirty or forty tend to get in a groove that will take them through to the end.

Writing assignments like NaNoWriMo are like this. So are todo lists, word count goals and other tricks writers use to get their butts in the chair and writing, rather than talking about writing.

Could you write every day for 100 days?

via kottke.

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Mary Vensel White said...

Yes, I could write for 100 days...if I was left alone :-). Not likely to happen.