04 August 2011


I've got a book and I'm on a jet plane today, so I'm leaving you with some great tweets from Wednesday.

Twitter had a hashtag going on Wednesday for #bookswithalettermissing. The basic premise, take a letter out of the title of a book and re-explain the plot (sometimes, not necessary).

My faves:
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ma - Stephanie Dedalus studies with the Jesuits, has a baby.
Marley and E Teaching a puppy to recognize vowels 
"Berenstain Ears" The story of a family of auditory organs that live down a sunny dirt road, deep in ear country
The Ale of Genji: Pub crawls in Heian Japan 
Ale of two cities. The history of Guinness and Boddingtons
Mein Kamp - Hitler's (somewhat selfish) account of camping holidays in his youth with his parents 
The Lion, The Itch, and the Wardrobe: An allegorical Jesus lion rubs his nose against a cabinet, all cute like.

The Da Vinci Cod - a novel which claims to uncover a centuries old conspiracy about fish 
The Holy Bile
Ride and Prejudice -- True life stories of minorities pulled over by police
'The Velveteen Rabbi': a religious leader you'll want to snuggle
No Country for Old Me 

There are more... Harry Otter, Caching Fire, Lord of the Rings: Return of the Kin

And my two contributions:
Lice in Wonderland The real reason TweedleDee and TweedleDum are so twitchy
All Quiet on the Western Font A german typesetter deals with emotional toll of his job

If you search the hastag on Twitter, you can read a lot more

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