23 August 2011

The Importance of Back-ups

Over the last two or three weeks, my Dell computer took a long and painful downhill slide. The inevitable was fast approaching and I needed a way to back-up the important things in my files.

A great way of doing this is through Dropbox. Once installed, Dropbox acts like any other folder on your harddrive, except an exact copy is kept online as well. Bonus -- you can edit any file on your PC, and changes are viewed instantly on another PC or mobile device, say on your iPad. Sort of like a network server, but up there in the cloud.

It's an easy way to share files too, but only the ones you select and with whom you choose to share.

Dropbox seriously saved my writing and other docs over the weekend until I found a new laptop. A quick visit to the website and a couple of hours later and I have access to everything in there again.

Dropbox is free, up to 2 gigabits of space. You can pay for more. Or you can click my Dropbox referral link and share some love my way. For each subscriber, I get a small bump in memory. Once you decide to go the Dropbox route, you can do the same.

Other than the extra memory, Dropbox isn't paying for this post. Take a second and check them out. You never know when that important stuff on your PC is at risk.

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