11 August 2011

Robot Wars

I'm swiping this from Pbackwriter who got it from somebody else, etc., so the string continues.

Robohash creates a picture of a robot unique from your IP address, or you can paste in some text and it will generate a different one.

Here's the robot created from my IP address (at the office, actually). Friendly, non-threatening sort of robot, I think. Has that Jetsons' housekeeper feel to her.

Then, I tried inputting my name and I got this one:
My instant reaction was something like "YES!" which then had me wondering what in the world this says about me that I prefer that robot with the spiked helmet and the more sinister appearance. I also feel like this robot clearly belongs in a Steve Jackson "Munchkins" game -- maybe it's like the "Duck on your head" card... (Don't know about Munchkins?... oh my friends, go Google it. Right now.)

Then, I put in the name I'm kicking around for a possible nom de plume. And I got this.
This one to me is also awesome. The library hold system recently told me I was "Seven of Nine" for a book and clearly this robot just confirms this identity.

Lastly, I made a robot based on my protagonist.

What I think is interesting is how all these robots have some variation of each other, as if to say they really all are a part of me. My work, me personally, a perhaps alter-ego, and a character. I'm sure it's really just because of the way the generation program works, but I'm going to draw meaning from it anyhow.

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