30 August 2011


Today, I'm flying on a jet plane, heading to St. Louis.

It's work-related, and not for an early BCon recon mission. As Bethany posted earlier, BCon 2011 isn't in the cards for the Word Nerds.

It's a bittersweet trip. I went to St. Louis in 2008 for a business trip and loved the downtown area where my hotel was. Today's visit is a quick in and out. I'll spend most of my time at the airport, I'm guessing.

I'm hoping to get some time in with my notecards though. I use notecards to start organizing my thoughts for writing. I've had four or five book sections flutter through my head during runs lately. I'm hoping that an empty stack and loads of wait time will bring a few of them forward.

How are you spending your Tuesday?

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